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V Plant Sales Limited
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About V Plant Sales Limited - Used Second Hand Plant Equipment Shropshire

Our Aim:
We at V Plant Sales Limited aim to provide the best service coupled with the highest quality product at affordable prices.
Across the whole range of construction plant and machinery our goal is to offer you the perfect solution

Shropshire Business Awards 2012

V Plant Sales Limited were established in 2009 by Tim Ball and Les Harrison.  Following long careers in the gas and water industry Tim and Les made the decision to start V Plant Sales Limited with the aim of supplying an affordable quality alternative to buying new equipment to the construction and utility sector.

V Plant Sales Limited have invested a lot of time and money ensuring that it has the best training, facilities, products and staff in order to compete in this highly competitive market.

V Plant’s growth has been facilitated by inward investment and the commitment of the Company’s Business Partners to continue growing the business.  V Plant’s key strategic goal continues to be profitable, sustainable growth achieved through offering the full range of construction equipment to the highest possible levels of quality and customer service.

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